How to Break a Bad Habit and Replace it with a Good One

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How to Break a Bad Habit and Replace it with a Good One

How to Break a Bad Habit and Replace it with a Good One

Habit is a regular practice that we do often and almost without thinking. It is considered bad that someone does repeatedly and find it difficult to stop doing.


But here are the some good ways to break a bad habit and replace with good one for self development.

1. Thought of giving up

Every great think begins with a single thought. And the thought is to give up bad habit. So first you list out “things you give up” on a paper and paste and paste it on the wall of your bed room. Read them day and night. When your eyes see and ears hears them. Things that you want to get out of habits come alive. They  run madly through your head. You will experience a brain drain. And that will control your action. As principle says- whatever our mind conceives and believe, we achieve that.

2. Each of us hold the power of change

Everything in nature changes. So by nature we have the power of change. Hence you need to do is to muster up your courage to get out of past habit and get into the habits that benefit you. It is the courage that let you stay detached from your companions who distract you so far. This is the first step that you take towards your better life. Remember the line-

Habit rules the unreflecting herd.

3. Set a time table which controls your own nature

Since man is at the mercy of his own nature. So, much of what we do in daily life is done by habit. When you start to stop doing something and try to replace with good one, it indeed takes a set of daily time table routine. For example you can go out for a walking for 30 minutes each day in place of past action.  Once you have been driving a few weeks. It becomes your good habit. Thus you are able to control your own nature.

Habit is a law of our being. It is a kind of second nature which grows up within us.

4. Make an effort to break a bad habit while keeping God in mind.

Breaking a bad habit and replacing with good, it all needs an effort. You must make efforts yourself for self development. No one can make efforts for you. You have to attempt development within your own self. No effort goes unrewarded. Te first blow is half the battle. You should have faith in that. Keep in mind –

Everything is possible with help of God.

God as your constant companion beckons you.

5. Love the good habits and thanks God.

Once you are able to get into a good habits, you must love them and thanks to God. You can see yourself with a new better one, improved version of yourself.

His real habitude gave life and grace. – Shakespeare.

Final word

I wish readers may enjoy by reading and they follow the good ways for self development.


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