Faith is the resilient power that pulls embryonic idea to turn your failure into success.
It is a strong belief and complete confidence that control human destiny. Fortune also favors the faithful man; a faithful man shall abound with blessing. So, armed yourself with faith power by adopting these 5 steps in your life.

#1. Endeavor to infuse a sense of belief

You pray day and might as fragmentary prayer about dream. Thus, it so happens that it goes into your subconscious mind. Your mind soaks and gets infused believing in your dream. Remember that things always happen that you believe in, and belief  is the thing that makes them happen.

#2. Think pleasant and Good thought

You think pleasant and good thoughts about your life and people’s life. This positive intake of thought causes the immune system of your body gets necessary changes into your dream. With every word, though and action, you are able to demonstrate your goal in yourself. Belief is the fuel for the action to be done. Along the way your confidence level is also increased. You will not fear from failure rather you take it as your stepping stone to brighten your choice.

#3. Couple th faith with action

Faith works wonder when it is put into action. Every cell in your body will be working overtime towards your heart highest goal. It increases your persistence level. It leads to increased energy and productivity. It does not matter what seeming obstacles may confront you. Every actions with faith of your intended to the brighter chance to turn failure into success.

#4. Faith that keeps you get-going

Once you develop your own faith, it let you keep going. It does not allow to pollute your mind. It crushes all the negativity. It does not permit anyone to deter you from your dreams. Your faith will bring the miraculous healing power of your mind. As long as your dream is not fulfilled it would not let go of it. It will fight to overcome all set backs that comes over way. It is your faith that comes can move your mountains into gold mine. Further it leads you to achievement.

#5. Faith in God

You express the love for God. You try to keep  all sins out of life. It means that you are being disciplined. The principle says that the man is justified by faith apart from the deeds of the law. We walk by faith not by sight. It is true than ever before God make the way where there is no way. With God faith even a lame can scale the mountain and a dumb can speak by.

With God everything is possible.

Final words

The person who has faith does magnetize his condition and releases power to turn his failure into success. Thus fight the good fight of faith. It is true what mind conceives and believes, mind achieves that.

My Best Wishes

I wish and hope that your life may  filled with faith and you able to deal with faith power to get you at the top of your life.

If you  have any suggestions or queries then please comment below for my pleasure.

Deo Kumar is a life coach and thinker. He led the disciplined life of Air Force. On his best experience and practical life, he writes about how to increase person's performance by using simple daily lessons.