Guest posts are an incredible SEO and marketing tool‐ if utilized effectively, obviously. After the death of article directories and changes in the search ranking algorithms that made numerous different methods for getting backlinks outdated, guest posting on respectable sites stays one of the most ideal approaches to make your site visible to the world (and search engines).


How You Can Benefit from Guest Posts


Essentially, the advantages from guest posts are two. In the first place, you get free introduction before a new audience (i.e. the audience of the blog you are guest posting to) and second, you get a backlink or two to your website.

If you post on a truly prominent blog, you can get considerable measures of direct activity to your website and in the perfect case, when your product is of interest to the visitors from the other blog, you can make sales.


The second advantage ‐ the backlink ‐ is the primary motivation behind why guest posters submit content for nothing to different blogs. If the site is a high ranking one and it is in your niche, then this backlink is particularly significant.


Why Guest Posting Is Different from Article Marketing


One reason why a few people are doubtful to the energy of guest posts is that they trust this is quite recently the great old article marketing. While there are a few likenesses between the two, guest posting is altogether different from article marketing.

When you are guest posting, you are submitting to blogs in a niche, while when you submit to article directories that for the most part cover all subjects, the connections and movement you get are less relevant.


With guest posts, you can’t submit several posts a month just in light of the fact that there aren’t that numerous great blogs where you could submit content, so article spamming is harder to do with guest posting, if you are doing it right.

You pick just relevant, fantastic blogs for accommodation and subsequently, the backlinks you get are significant even after the Google Panda update.


With article directories you can have robotized submissions that impact your article with dozens of directories without a moment’s delay yet with guest posting this doesn’t occur ‐ you compose an article only for one blog, contact each blog proprietor ahead of time and simply after he or she approves your post, it goes live. Regularly you can distribute just 5 or even less posts a month essentially in light of the fact that not every appropriate blog in your niche are interested in distributing stuff from different bloggers.


Instructions to Find Suitable Blogs to Guest Post on


One of the key moments for the successful utilization of guest posts is to discover great blogs to post on. The principal you can do is search with Google for “guest post” “your keyword” to discover blogs in your niche that accept guest posts.


After you discover two or three blogs in your niche that accept guest posts, the following stride is to filter the great ones as it were. You do this with the assistance of the different ranking administrations.

After the blog finishes this test ‐ i.e. it has great parameters as per the criteria of ranking administrations, despite everything you have to peruse through the blog to check whether it is a quality one or full on the grounds that it is very conceivable that a webpage has great measurements however, its content isn’t something you might want to be partnered with.


On the other hand, you may search for arrangements of sites that accept guest posts or join (a webpage where bloggers searching for guest posts and creators of guest posts get together) yet at the same time the ranking check and the manual content check is to be finished by you.

You may likewise need to check if a webpage is boycotted by guest posters on the grounds that there are numerous dishonest Web masters, who essentially take your content ‐ expel your connections or change the byline, which for all intents and purposes renders your guest post pointless for SEO and promotion purposes.


Compose the Post, Pitch, Get Published, Answer Comments


After you have discovered some great blogs you’d get a kick out of the chance to guest post to, the following stride is to compose the post. Typically blogs that accept guest posts have their guidelines, so ensure you check them before you submit the post. When you compose the post, remember to incorporate the permitted measure of backlinks in the byline, or stunningly better ‐ in the post itself.


At the point when the article is prepared, don’t submit it immediately regardless of the possibility that their guidelines say as much. Many blogs that say they accept guest posts don’t reply by any means, so when you submit the article with them, it is for all intents and purposes blocked from submitting somewhere else (in light of the fact that if you do, you risk having it distributed on at least two sites, and this will make bloggers furious as a result of the duplicate content penalty).

This is the reason it is ideal if you first pitch and just if you find a solution that the blogger is interested in your post, submit the article itself.


After accommodation, check the webpage every day till the article gets distributed on the grounds that bloggers not generally email you when the article is live and if you don’t check frequently, you may miss it. If there are perusers’ remarks, answer them.


If you choose to guest post regularly, it will be best thing to keep a record with every one of the links to your guest-posts and check them in any event once a month for new remarks or just to ensure the post hasn’t been deleted.

Now and again bloggers will erase guest posts for some reason and if this transpires, you will scarcely be glad. Nonetheless, the uplifting news is that after some time, when the deleted post is cleared from the records of search engines, you can submit it somewhere else and still make a decent utilization of it.


Guest posting is a capable apparatus, so if you haven’t utilized it so far to elevate your blog and to get backlinks, consider try it attempt.

What’s more, recollect, as with numerous things in life, it is quality, not amount that matters, so don’t plan to distribute dozens of guest posts a month on crappy blogs. Concentrate on superb blogs and at exactly that point you will see great outcomes.

Saurav Deo is a passionate blogger, entrepreneur & digital marketer from India. He is founder of ShoutMakersDream, HatchHives, & WebSiesta. At ShoutMakesDream he mostly writes about How to blog tips, SEO news, email marketing news etc.