How to Put WordPress in Maintenance Mode

How to Put WordPress in Maintenance Mode

Sometimes there comes a situation in which you need to change your website with content, themes or to make modifications in your website. Here comes the need of Maintenance mode for your website. This helps the site from displaying a broken page or showing up other content on the page during the update. One should make use of this maintenance mode when any updates are to be made on their website.

When it comes to WordPress, putting the site in maintenance mode is very simple. Though there are many ways to put WordPress in maintenance mode, the simplest way is to make use of any of the most popular maintenance mode plugins in the market. Let us know in detailed about those WordPress maintenance mode plugins from below and discuss about one of the most popular plugins that many of them use.

Note: This Tutorial is only for Self hosted WordPress Websites, not for hosted websites. If you don’t know the difference, checkout this link.

Using Maintenance Mode Plugin for WordPress Site

As said, the quickest ways for activating or putting the WordPress in maintenance mode is via plugin. This is the best method especially when you don’t want customizations or when you do not want to write the code. Making use of the best maintenance mode plugin can make your site have great looking maintenance page. Many plugins are available for free and you can set up the maintenance mode for your site in just few seconds using any of those plugins. Currently there is huge number of maintenance mode plugins available and the best among those plugins is the coming soon page & maintenance mode plugin by SeedProd. Let us discuss more about this plugin here.

About Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode Plugin by SeedProd

This is the most recommended and number one maintenance plugins by lots of users who wants to set up the maintenance mode for their WordPress website. There are free and paid versions of this plugin available and the details about the free and paid versions of the plugin are discussed below.

The free version of this maintenance plugin will have limited amount of features. This version will allow the users to upload the background image, own and along with that, it will allow the users to make use of custom HTML & CSS, change the color of the text and it also comes with BuddyPress as well as multi-site installations support.

The paid version of Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode will offer the user with much more features i.e., you will get the ability to give your clients secret link for visiting or viewing your website without having to log in to your site, you can have integration with many of the main providers of email, you can give custom feel and look to your site without coding and much more things that you can do with in the paid version.

How to Activate Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode Plugin in WordPress

In order to activate or turn this maintenance mode plugin on your WordPress site, follow the below given steps.

  1. Login to your WordPress.
  2. Go to “Plugins / Add New” and search for SeedProd.
  3. You will get the first plugin as Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode plugin.
  4. Click on “Install Now” side to the plugin and then activate the Plugin on WordPress.
  5. That’s it and you can start using this maintenance mode plugin.
  6. Go to Settings / Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode and there you can activate the coming soon or maintenance screen in few seconds without any hassle.
  7. Just click on the option “Enable Maintenance Mode” and then click on Save All Changes button below the option as shown in the below given picture.


By activating this plugin on your website, visitors can just see the maintenance page on your site and only you can see all the changes that are being made on your site during the update or modifications that you are making on your WordPress site.

This is all about the Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd and there are many such similar top rated plugins available through which you can set the maintenance mode or maintenance page for your WordPress. So, make use of the best plugin and put the maintenance mode for WordPress.

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