Is An Opportunity Hidden within Every Adversity!

Is An Opportunity Hidden within Every Adversity!

An Opportunity is an activity to do good towards destiny. It is usually designed as hard work.

And adversity is a state of hardship. These two are inspirable. They go together. Wherever there is adversity, there lurk an opportunity. Both of them so embedded each other, the most people do not recognize them. They wait for the opportunity to come and knocks their door but it never knocks.

Glory of God

It is a glory of God to conceal a matter. He does not lay it out in the open. God gives every bird its food, but he does not throw it into its nest. The logic of nature also confirms that diamond is deep in the earth, pearls are concealed in oysters. So there is deeper layer of hidden possibilities that which may be greatest opportunities are wrapped up in a blanket called Tough time.

Dare to Face

It is the rough road that leads us to the height of greatness. A smooth sea never makes skillful mariner. If we have to shine like the sun, we to have to burn like it. Hardships are training grounds where one has to sweat hard for a sweet reward. Kite rise highest against the wind not with it. So one need to do is dare to face.
Competing against oneself
Life does not demand us to make good, it asks only that we give out best at each level of experience. It is about self-improvement, one need to do each day a little bit better. In fact, the opportunity is there every morning as we get up and get going to develop our growing with which we are able to live. Someone also says every single event in life happens in an opportunity to love over fear.


The road to happiness is to fear paved with a hard time. If we hope ever to do with simplicity, we must learn first to face hurdles. We advance on our journey only when face obstacles. When we are confident and believe, we are going to win.

My best wishes

I hope this blog may uplift your ability and attitude. Moreover, if any comments and suggestion you have then please share your views.

Is An Opportunity Hidden within Every Adversity! - ShoutMakersDream
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Is An Opportunity Hidden within Every Adversity! - ShoutMakersDream
Adversity is not the permanent of man, even the desert blooms after storms. One can find more and more hidden opportunities and greater activity in life.

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