Top Ways to PromoteYour Blog Posts and Make it Viral

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You spent hours researching, writing, finding graphics and uploading your blogs posts, but your work isn’t done yet. To get the most out of each blog post, you need to promote it as much as you can.

Below are some ways you can promote each blog post, most of which are free. Print out this handy graphic and check off each item as you do it. With a little work and planning, you’ll get the most leverage out of each post.


  • Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Write in your own voice and be authentic. There is only one you!
  • If you want to expand readers, be regular with your blogging hard work, even if that means to you blog less regularly. Pick a frequency – daily, weekly, monthly etc. – and stick with it.
  • Have visually appealing photos with each blog posts. Make them relevant and original. Don’t steal others people’s photos.
  • Building a following takes time. The adage “if you build it, they will come” is false. in its place, think “if you market it they will come.


Sharing each post on social media should be your first avenue for promotion.

  • Facebook: Add it to your personal & business pages, groups and through ads.
  • Twitter: Schedule it 2-3 times per days(change the title)
  • Pinterest: Create a board specifically for all your blog post and pin each post to it.
  • Linkedin: Share on your Linkedin profile, in groups you belong to and through ads.
  • Google+: Share with your circle and publicly, on Google+ for the added SEO profit.


As Bookmarking sites have millions of users. Add them to your plan.

  • StumbleUpon: Create an account at StumbleUpon and start stumbling your posts.
  • Digg: Submit each posts to to share with others and help them discover.
  • Reddit: One of the most popular bookmark sites, is a must .
  • Delicious: Help others discover your posts when you submit to it.
  • Technorati: The top search engine for the blogs, a must.





They signed up for your newsletter or RSS feed because they want to hear from you.

  • Add your latest blog post in your email blog newsletters.
  • Share your blog posts with people in groups or forums you belongs to.
  • Add your blogs to your email signature using
  • Send an email to your list with your latest blog post and ask them for feerdback.
  • An RSS feed automatically pushes your posts to those who sign up.

The objective is to help you find any idea or thought you could possibly imagine, and pick a couple that will work best to promote your own particular blog.

Good Luck with your next blog advancement strategies. And don’t forget to share & comments below if you have any query.

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Saurav Deo is a passionate blogger, entrepreneur & digital marketer from India. He is founder of ShoutMakersDream, HatchHives, & WebSiesta. At ShoutMakesDream he mostly writes about How to blog tips, SEO news, email marketing news etc.

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