The Internet nowadays has become too crowded and a noisy place. So if you are searching anything online, then you will be bombarded with search results. No one would click on every search engine. Mostly, people click to top links on the page. This is where search engine optimization (SEO). Well, SEO is a process where you optimize your website to get it to the top of the result listing for specific keywords or terms.

But there are always two sides of every phase, so here one will work on your positive influence ranking and another one will find ways to get opposite effect. Most of the search engines have learned to detect such Shenanigans. There are several websites who will rather try to tear another website down than building they own one. So, when you are hit by such SEO attack, then it is difficult to strike back, but it is definitely not impossible. First, let’s understand these strategies and what can be done. Well, you will get many affordable SEO packages in India which will work for your website and will prevent it from negative SEO attack.

How SEO works?

Search Engine Optimization is the process that serves both Google’s algorithm and the user experience. So, if you provide valuable and accurate information on your website for your visitors, then make sure to design a good user experience and put all the known algorithm factors. Such SEO is sometimes called white hat SEO.

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Well, to get an upper hand in the race, some companies have done some dirty SEO practices. Such bad SEO, is called black hat SEO.

Negative SEO

Now Google has become very fast is picking webmasters who use unethical SEO Practice and has very hard punishment for those.  Some companies do such nasty things. What does a Negative SEO do? It lowers down the ranking of the website. They think that by this their own ranking will come up.

How to you get to know that your website has been attacked?

Mostly negative SEO attack is done by hacking the website, spammy links, and fake reviews. If this happens, then it a clear sign that your websites have been hacked. Well, you can prevent this by doing regular maintenance of your website.

What to do if your website is attacked by negative SEO?

If you feel or get to know that your website has been attacked with negative SEO, you can prevent it in future, even irreversible damage.

It is very necessary to take immediate action to resolve these issues and should alert Google about the attack. When you talk to Google straight about it but Google will not likely penalize your site for the apparent unethical SEO practices.

Well, below are some steps to follow to prevent such attack from occurring in future:

  1. Regular eye your eye on your link: Well, performing a regular check on your website links is a good way to detect a threat and potential negative SEO. A regular check will help you in catching the attack early and preventing it from getting out of control.

When you look at your website analytics, you will be seeing a normal graph and it will show a gradual increase in backlinks and linking domains. If it is showing sharp spikes or drops, then please beware. There are big red flags.

You should even go through your content on your website and the links in it. If it is attacked, then you will be seeing additional spammy links and links that get redirected to either a competitor’s website.

  1. The speed of website while loading: Well, the speed is an essential part in ranking factor for search results. If it goes slow, then it is either hit by a virus, hacker or negative SEO. Crawling of the website affects the web server which will make your site slow or even crash.
  2. Avoid copied content: Copied content will lower down your ranking for your website. And Google will label it as duplicate and your site will be penalized with decreased search result ranking.
  3. Monitor Google my Business: Well, the best process of negative SEO attackers includes flooding an organization’s online business with all fake negative reviews. If you don’t address your false review, they will hamper your company’s reputation which will make your company go in loss.
  4. Cheak you site’s CTR: Click through rate is the best indicator of whether you’re attacking the right or wrong website visitors and if the site guests are searching for your site content. If you are attracting wrong visitors or your website content is not worthy enough, relevant or interesting, you CTR will go low automatically.
  5. Check your search engine ranking: Well a fall in your website search ranking can be an indicator of inexact SERP rankings caused by a revengeful attack that can be the result of a total de-ordering of your site.

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Well not all SEO attacks are detectable. It is, you have to regular check your content and the performance of your site to prevent all negative SEO attacks.

You can find out bunch of affordable seo services, which assure you with not getting any SEO attack on your website.

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