How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Creating Website for Business

How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying a Website

Having a website is pretty much essential for doing business today. Unfortunately, the internet is full of unsavory characters preying on new entrepreneurs seeking to buy websites. Their only aim is to scam them out of their hard-earned cash.

Scams happen all the time in the digital world so it’s important to be on the lookout so you don’t get burned. To avoid the getting scammed when buying a website, it is vital that you take into consideration these tips and remember, if something feels wrong then trust your instincts and walk away.


  • Do your homework right


Avoiding online scams begins with a little homework. You need to thoroughly research the website you’re looking to buy. Spend some time going through the website looking for areas of concern. Then ask the owner questions about the website and expect answers.

You need to know who owns the site. The internet offers plenty of tools like the WhoIs database that can help you identify who owns the site.

You need to know how the website was built, what tools were used and how old it is.

You’ll also need to get an accurate report on the website traffic sources. The seller may not provide an actual report, probably because they’re estimating or trying to make the website appear more popular than it actually is.

Make sure that the website owner has a traffic tracking script like Google Analytics and then you’ll be able to verify the site traffic.


  • Use Secure Payment Methods


One of the worst experiences you could encounter is the having the seller take off with your money before they even transfer the website to you.

The website owner will approach you saying that they have a website worth thousands of dollars but are willing to sell it in order to relieve the financial burdens they’re facing. The possibilities of getting a premium website for less money will attract many buyers, and the seller will try to sell the same site multiple times.

The scammer will ensure that each potential buyer has wired money to his account with a promise of completing the domain name transfer process upon the receipt of the funds. But unfortunately, the transfer process never actually happens. Instead, the scammer will empty their account and vanish into thin air, and because the account was emptied, the possibilities of a successful chargeback by the victim are zero.

Fortunately, you can avoid this scam using an escrow service. Using an escrow service will ensure that you only release the funds once everything has been transferred to your name. Most website scammers will refuse to use an escrow service, and this should be a huge red flag to you.


  • Verify everything for yourself


In most cases, a scammer will tell everything that you want to hear. They’ll even create fake screenshots for things like revenue, traffic, and other information.

There is one rule that you should adhere to when it comes to buying a website: verify everything for yourself. If you follow this rule, you’ll be able to filter out traps laid by these predators.

When you’ve found your ideal website to buy, get the seller to give you access to the website stat tracking software (like Google Analytics).

Alternatively, you can have a video chat with the seller and see them login into their stat tracking software and the software they’re using to generate revenues during the call. By doing this, you’ll be able to see them log in, access the dashboard, refresh the pages, and this makes it hard for them to fake the information.

If the seller denies you access to the traffic and revenue tracking software, then it’s time for you to run from the deal.



  • Hire a professional


If you find the process of avoiding getting duped overwhelming, there are experts available that can handle the whole process for you. There are professional website brokers who specialize in buying and selling websites every day. They know how to spot scams easily and how to verify everything.

You can consult a broker about a website that you’ve found, or you can buy a site through a broker. By hiring a website broker, they will not only ensure that you avoid getting scammed but also make certain that you buy a website for a price that it is really worth.



Buying a website can be an important investment in your business. It’s important to know what you’re getting before you embark on the process as there are millions of scammers out there who want to take advantage of your lack of experience.

That doesn’t mean that you should let fear deny you a chance of owning the website you want. You just need to understand the pitfalls so that you can get ready for them and handle them like a pro.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to filter out scams in seconds. Being savvy will save you time, money and you’ll avoid the stress of getting involved in a shady deal.

Jock is a business broker and the founder of Digital Exits. He has bought and sold many websites and enjoys working with others to secure the website they want.
What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Do

What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Do

The aim of each entrepreneur is to create a powerful brand, which will continuously grow and develop, making an increasingly greater impact. In order to achieve that goal, every entrepreneur needs to be prepared to invest a lot of thought, time and effort into building both their own and their company’s image.

What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Do

Naturally, this is easier said than done, since there are many obstacles along the way, but if you manage to avoid the more common ones and prepare well for those that are unavoidable, you stand good chances of succeeding. What follows is a list of tips that you will find useful if you’re starting your entrepreneurial career or simply considering it.


One of the most important things that entrepreneurs have to do is to remain focused on their dream. There’s no success without a clearly defined goals and the determination to reach them. If you allow various distractions to take up too much of your energy and focus, you’re bound to neglect the most important thing for an entrepreneur – the goal you’re striving to achieve.

What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Do

This is particularly important in the early stages, before routine sets in and when everyone around you, and you in particular, is dealing with all sorts of issue coming up on a daily basis. Learn to differentiate between urgent and less important matters, in order to keep your company on track and your focus on achieving your main goal.

Don’t fear failure

One of the main reasons a lot of people give up on the idea of being entrepreneurs before they even establish their company is the fear of failure. However, those people don’t consider the fact that there’s no company in the world, regardless of the size, that hasn’t experienced some kind of failure. What each successful company has done, however, is recover from that failure and use the experience to grow.

What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Do

On the other hand, if an entrepreneur doesn’t feel at least a bit apprehensive, it might well be the case that they are overconfident and ignorant of all the challenges ahead of them. Another important tip when it comes to experiencing these fears is to actually talk to your colleagues, friends and family members and let them know how you feel. After all, we all need encouragement at some point.

It’s not a one-person show

You may think that no-one can do a job as well as you and that might even be true. However, you have to be realistic and accept that you simply can’t do everything, which is why it’s vital that you learn to delegate.

Of course, you need to be careful, since you don’ want to burden people with responsibilities they won’tbe able to fulfil. That would result in both a bad business performance and the loss of your colleague’s self-confidence.

Brand your office

It’s important that everyone who comes to your office feels comfortable and that they get the impression that some serious work is being done there. This means you have to keep the premises clean and clutter-free at all times, no matter what line of business you’re in.

For example, a friend of mine used DymoLabelWriter 450 to label items and help her keep everything in her home-office looking spick-and-span and easily accessible and she claims that everyone appreciates it, and that every visitor can see she is running a well-organised business.

Social media is your friend

Another path you just have to take is the one of making yourself and your company visible on social media. The aim is to build trust around your brand, keep contact with existing clients and attract new ones. Additionally, you can really find out a lot about what people are looking for, which should help you develop your future campaign.

What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Do

Reward your colleagues

Remember that once you start generating income, you need to reinvest it in your company and the best way to do that is to invest in your colleagues. If they see that their effort is appreciated and valued, they’ll be much more likely to maintain their motivation and perhaps put in even more effort in the future.

Running a business is difficult, but far from impossible. With some tips that many successful entrepreneurs have shared with the world, you can really help your company soar to great heights.

Carolin Petterson is a businesswoman and content marketer with years of experience under her belt. She has had the opportunity to contribute to a number of popular business and marketing websites.
The 5 Most Effective Digital Lead Generation Channels to Invest In

The 5 Most Effective Digital Lead Generation Channels to Invest In

Take a second and think about the number of advertisements you see in just 1 day. When you take into account all of the billboards, social media advertisements, and online banner ads targeting you throughout the day, the number is probably somewhere in the hundred range. Yet, consumers, including yourself, are getting better than ever at ignoring these blatant marketing tactics. So much so, that seeing becomes ignoring.

So, where does that leave today’s digital marketer? The answer: Refocusing their efforts into lead generation channels. In order to generate successful leads for your sales team and reach a constantly evolving and elusive audience, marketers must be investing their resources in the most effective lead generation channels. To help you reach your target audience and keep that lead bucket full, here is a look at the most effective lead generation channels that your business should be investing in.


The Most Effective Lead Generation Channels


1. Email Marketing

According to a latest report, email marketing is still the most effective lead generation channel, this is no surprise. Email marketing is one of the only lead generation channels that has remained effective for over 2 decades. The latest trend in email marketing that your business should be utilizing is marketing automation. Marketing automation tools work by connecting with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database and allowing you to send automated, highly-targeted and personalized emails to leads.

This can include personalization in the form of adding the customer’s name to the subject line, incorporating an element or phrase they have recently searched for online in the email copy, or mentioning their current business name. Marketing automation can also capture more data on customers in your database and use behavioural triggers to help you successfully market to them through email.

Businesses that haven’t invested in marketing automation tools to enhance their email marketing strategies for lead generation risk losing customers to competitors that have.


2. Content Marketing

In that same report, content marketing was ranked as the second most helpful lead generation channel. However, content marketing is one of the toughest lead generation channels to execute on. This is because ensuring your content is getting your intended audience is easier said than done. To effectively generate leads through content, you must be creating content your viewers is interested in and capable of reaching organically through a Google search or while browsing the news feed on the social media platforms they frequent.

The best way to generate leads through content marketing is to do experiments. Create various types of content, including blogs, whitepapers, infographics, videos, and podcasts, in order to make out which is best resonates with and attracts your audience. Track performance of content through analytical tools to identify which types of content should be continued.

Work on identifying customer’s persona to better target your audience’s pain points and create content that addresses them in order to generate more and more leads.

3. Social Media Marketing

Another one of the most valuable and controversial lead generation channels is social media marketing. The effectiveness of the channel is for debate as some businesses find social media marketing to be tremendously effective, while others find their efforts resulting in least conversions.

This is commonly a result of unbeaten social media marketing strategies versus ineffective strategies, rather than a reflection of the overall effectiveness of social media marketing. To generate valuable leads from social media, your team must create an effective, fully realized social media marketing strategy. Here is a helpful resource on how to create powerful strategies for the most popular social media platforms to help your business generate as many leads as possible.

4. Landing Page & Website Optimization

One of the most effective and powerful ways to generate leads is from your business website. Having a well responsive website for your business is not enough to generate the number of leads your business needs for continued success. Furthermore, your business website and landing pages must be optimized to boost ideal customer and user behaviors. You will need to boost and improve the user experience (UX) of your site. Landing pages play a critical role for driving leads on website since these pages are frequently where most of your website leads will be generated.

Which means even more attention needs to be given to the design and usability of those pages. Are they easy to navigate or not? Is the design of the website and landing pages current and sleek or not? Are loading times fast enough or not? Are all links correctly navigating to the next page or not? These are the types of questions you need to continuously check in order to effectively generate leads through this channel.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Rounding out the list, SEO is another one of the most effective lead generation, worth investing in. This is because a majority of the other channels on this list depends on customers organically finding your business website, content, or social media channels in order to generate leads.

However, the only way that the audience can find your website, content, or social media pages organically is if these items are ranking high in search engine ranking pages, that is determined by how SEO-friendly they are. SEO encompasses everything from the types of keywords found on your website, to the types of links found in your content, and whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. Businesses looking to get better their search engine rankings must hire the qualified SEO person that necessary to do so.

Saurav Deo is a passionate blogger, entrepreneur & digital marketer from India. He is founder of ShoutMakersDream, HatchHives, & WebSiesta. At ShoutMakesDream he mostly writes about How to blog tips, SEO news, email marketing news etc.

How To Get Organic Traffic From Search Engine To Your Website

Organic traffic, defined as the traffic that comes to your website free of cost. It might come as direct traffic, referral or through links. No matter how it comes, the bottom line is that you are getting traffic for your website. It is the dream of every website owner that he gets more and more organic traffic instead of paid traffic.The main question comes how to get organic traffic?

The simple reason being that a paid traffic will come to you only till the time you are paying, whereas an organic traffic will keep on coming to your website if your website has useful and intelligent content. So, let’s get started to make your website more organic traffic friendly.


5 Tips to Increase Organic Traffic on Your Website


1. Blog down Your User’s Problems

You must have known about your target audience by now and you must have been trying every effort to drive them towards your website. Almost every user of your industry has some questions and problems in their mind and types the same in Google. How about writing a blog on all the possible questions beforehand? This will automatically turn them to your website while searching for answers.

2. Optimizing Content & Meta data

Meta data and presence of keywords in the first paragraph is what Google looks at in a website. To rank your website higher, you should use information about user’s queries in your Meta data. Some key ways to do this is through the following:


• Optimizing descriptions, Meta titles, and keywords

• Optimizing ALT, images titles, and description

• Adding most important keyword in first paragraph but avoiding over stuffing.

3. Regularly Creating Quality Content

Quality content can bring you something which even a lot of SEO efforts won’t. It will attract backlinks, shares on social media and also help in improving the user experience on your website. The definition of quality has changed with competition as now you have to not only write good content but outstanding content, something better than your competitors and the more often you will write it, more will be the chances of attracting the organic traffic.

4. Great Internal Linking System

A great internal linking system is the best and the easiest way of creating backlinks to your existing articles or sales pages. Simply link to the relevant posts you have written in the past and build quality internal links with the kind of anchor text you prefer. This will eventually lead to more traffic to your website and chances are that they will spend more time on your site.

5. Don’t Fool Google

Google will always appreciate your efforts if done ethically and will not tolerate at all if your efforts are going the unethical way. So, this is never a good option as you might get hit with a penalty. Here’s how to avoid the penalty in order to prevent your traffic from vanishing:

  •  Stop building cheap links.
  • Stop paying for inbound links.
  • Stop using exact-match anchor text.
  • Stop publishing low quality, scraped, or stolen content.

Saurav Deo is a passionate blogger, entrepreneur & digital marketer from India. He is founder of ShoutMakersDream, HatchHives, & WebSiesta. At ShoutMakesDream he mostly writes about How to blog tips, SEO news, email marketing news etc.

5 Popular Types of Web Hosting Services

Is it accurate to say that you are feeling somewhat confused by the different types of website services and web hosting plans or web hosting services?


Don’t feel awful, you are not the only one. With many web companies going after your business with a huge number of different web hosting plans, things can get truly confounding before long.


Add to that the greater part of the “technical nerd” terms like bandwidth, GB, and DNS and it’s anything but difficult to perceive how somebody who simply needs to begin to start an online business and make money online can get effectively out of action.


As your online business develops, your Web hosting requirements will increment and turn out to be more unpredictable. Free and modest web hosting plans may have been fine in the startup period of your online business, yet if your website is beginning to feel drowsy as it keeps on developing and you get more website traffic, you may need to begin taking a gander at reinforcing your Web server.


Think about this rundown as the movement of the kind of hosting plans and services a developing online business can consider.


1. Shared Web Hosting


Shared hosting implies only that. Your website is facilitated on a server shared by different websites. The benefit of this setup is the mutual cost. You can pay as meager as $5-$10 every month for imparting a super server to (presumably) many different websites.


The greatest disservice of a common hosting account is that you’re helpless before alternate locales on your server. A truly prominent site may antagonistically influence the execution of your own site. Then again, if you’re the most well known site on the server, you get the chance to utilize a super server with ease.


Shared hosting is useful for brochureware or getting your feet wet.


Price Range: $5 – $20/month.


Bluehost is an exceptionally mainstream shared web hosting choice.


2. Reseller Web Hosting


Reseller hosting packages is essentially a mutual hosting account with additional instruments to help you exchange hosting space.


Reseller packages accompany more prominent technical control (regularly by means of the Web Host Manager (WHM) control panel), charging programming to help you invoice clients and other additional advantages.


Some of those advantages include:


  • Free website templates


  • White name technical support – that implies the hosting organization handles your clients’ technical support issues


  • Private name servers – make your organization appear to be significantly greater by advising your clients to indicate their space nameservers


Price extend: Reseller packages go from $15 – $50, contingent upon components and resource limits.


If you’re keen on profiting as a web hosting affiliate you’ll need to look at this article on the most proficient method to profit with affiliate marketing.


3. Cloud Based Web Hosting


Cloud Based Web Hosting alludes to a genuinely new hosting technology that gives several individual servers a chance to cooperate with the goal that it would appear that one goliath server. The thought is that as the need develops, the hosting organization can simply add greater ware equipment to make an ever bigger lattice or cloud.


The upside of cloud-based web hosting is that if you get a curiously huge measure of website traffic the web hosting arrangement can suit the surge of traffic – as opposed to closing your website down.


Price Range: All framework figuring packages utilize some type of pay-for-what-you-utilize pricing structure.


4. Virtual Private Server (VPS)


Virtual private servers share one physical server however acts like numerous, different servers. A VPS is a venturing stone between shared hosting and getting your own particular dedicated machine. Despite the fact that each VPS occasion offers equipment resources, they are allotted a dedicated slice of the processing resources.


A VPS maintains a strategic distance from the issue of having your hosting neighbors cut down your website, while staying away from the cost of a dedicated server.


Price Range: Most VPS hosting packages cost amongst $50 and $200. Pricing depends on the ensured CPU and memory (RAM) you get.


5. Dedicated Web Server


When you have a dedicated server, it implies you are leasing one physical server from a hosting organization. You can have full control (called “root” permissions in Linux) if you need it.


With a dedicated server, you don’t need to stress over different websites on a common server taking up your resources and backing your website off.


Pricing: Dedicated servers are priced from $100 and up. In any case, if you are thinking about a dedicated server, you ought to likewise consider the expenses of enlisting a framework head to deal with the technical points of interest.

Read More:  10 Easy Steps to Increase Speed of  Website

Saurav Deo is a passionate blogger, entrepreneur & digital marketer from India. He is founder of ShoutMakersDream, HatchHives, & WebSiesta. At ShoutMakesDream he mostly writes about How to blog tips, SEO news, email marketing news etc.
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