Improving Business Impact with Personalization

Improving Business Impact with Personalization

Personalization, when done right, increases customers’ loyalty and engagement and enhances their lives by delivering messages that anticipate and are tuned to what customers really want. In a matter of seconds, customers decide whether or not they like your marketing message. Provide something irrelevant and they’re gone, but hit the mark and you’ve got a satisfied customer.

In today’s era of instant gratification, the issue of relevance is especially critical, because people are bombarded with messages daily. Most of these messages are off target, and by personalizing them according to their behavior, you promise to address this problem.

Most companies have plenty of tools needed to personalize the ways they engage with their customers, but the true challenge is transforming the marketing organization processes and practices to achieve the full reach of personalization. This is how you can improve your business by utilizing the concept of personalization.

Plan your reactions to customer signals in advance

Customers provide information about their intentions and needs (signals) through online browsing, purchases and social media activities. Subsequently, your company responds to it with a timely and a relevant message (trigger) that is sent to them.

In order to do this properly and effectively, you need advance planning, which includes developing a library of trigger messages (copies, offers, titles, images – or their combination) matched to certain signals. This requires thorough analytics, as well as a test-and-learn process – send the trigger, evaluate results, adjust the trigger, and then evaluate again.

Create a team of the right people

When it comes to the way it works, personalized marketing represents a radical shift compared to traditional marketing. In order to kick-start this change, you need to empower a group of people who know what they’re doing. Carefully select 10-15 people, including staff from analytics, digital media, creative, IT, and operation, as well as a staff manager.

Each team member needs to be completely dedicated to their job, which is measured through actual revenue and improved customer experience (not through page views or clickthroughs). This, so-called “war team”, spends time finding signals with the highest potential value, developing, launching and iterating on tailored messages that get results.

Focus on technology and processes that help your teams work faster

Old processes have to be replaced with modernized ones if you want to work at a faster pace at this scale. Marketing teams need to be empowered to act on their own, in order to test and iterate various ideas and focus on the ones that work. Everyone should be ready to accept their mistakes, learn from them, and move on.

The next thing to do is utilize the right automation technology, which can be a challenge. You need to assemble and operate a stack of marketing automation, because there are countless providers of tools and none of them offer a true, complete solution.

It’s up to you to do your research, filter out what to buy, and have your team integrate it. If not integrated properly, the automation software may just start spamming your consumers by sending out millions of messages. Instead, it should help your specialized team to be more efficient at finding signals and delivering triggers.

Personalization impacts

How consumers shop

Consumers are more likely to shop and recommend a brand to others when they think more positively about it. Forrester says that, according to their research, 77% of consumers have paid for, chosen, or recommended a brand that provides a personalized experience or service. Personalization can lead to more purchases, engagement, and positive experiences.

For example, Christmas gift cards are an example of a personalization opportunity, as one can choose a gift card design to fit any person or occasion (such as Christmas holidays). A great deal of customers said that personalization influences their shopping decisions and that they’ll engage offers if they’re personalized to their previous engagement with a brand.

How consumers perceive a brand

A person’s feelings about a brand are formed on good or bad experiences with it, which means that their relationships with brand are often driven by emotions. Today, if their experiences are irrelevant and non-personalized, consumers may feel frustrated.

According to a Rapt Media research, 62% of consumers said they would most likely purchase from a brand that gave them content that was more relevant, interesting, or valuable. Also, 57% of Millennials surveyed said that they block ad content that they find too pushy.

A company should look at personalization as a way to connect with Millennials (people aged 18-36) better, because they will make two thirds of the world’s population by the year 2025. This generation of people has grown up with technology and experiences life on the go on smartphones and tablets.

Today’s consumers want personal experiences and feel let down when they encounter something irrelevant to them. In order to surprise and delight their customers, marketers have started incorporating personalization into their strategies.

Saurav Deo is a passionate blogger, entrepreneur & digital marketer from India. He is founder of ShoutMakersDream, HatchHives, & WebSiesta. At ShoutMakesDream he mostly writes about How to blog tips, SEO news, email marketing news etc.
Wishing For More Conversions? Steps To Increase Conversion Rates

Wishing For More Conversions? Steps To Increase Conversion Rates

Wasting money in learning and studying all the techniques, terms and conditions of SEO is not worth at this time. If you will waste your time in learning the things, your competitors will beat you easily and throw your business from the competition. It is suggested that you should take every step wisely and hire some reputed company for managing all SEO task.

Implementing SEO trends and strategies into business is not as easy as you think; however, it needs a lot of knowledge to get started. SEO is a business in which promotion of the website takes place through optimization strategies for top rankings in search engines. Any business can get seo experts academy services and advice for the success of your business in the long run.

Don’t pick your SEO service provider with closed eyes. If you wish to run your business efficiently, hire a firm that focuses on the goals of your business rather than focusing on money. Be prepared to choose a firm where you can make an investment for excellent and optimized website.

For example, when your car gets damaged you take it to the garage because you know that a mechanic can repair your car in a better way than you do yourself.

Likewise, it doesn’t matter how much you learn SEO, but nobody can replace expert’s place in the market. Thus, appoint this task to some professionals who feel proud to handle your project and give best results to you.

Here, are some signs of good SEO companies:

  • Proper planning is the first step of certified SEO team. Every website is different from one another; thus each website needs different SEO services and a unique marketing strategy. Professional team of SEOs know this thing and, therefore, before they start providing services they take some time to review your website in order to decide what services your website need most to improve its ranking score.Once they begin with the task, they do research to meet with the needs of clients. Only throwing some relevant keywords on the web page is not duty of good SEOs, but they plan out everything in a right manner for every website.


  • SEO service providers always make good understanding with clients by keeping themselves in regular contact with clients. Without effective communication, reaching business goals is not possible. However, clients are updated about what is going on and what are the present updates of the pay per click management website.An intelligent SEO firm creates a successful campaign by providing all time communication facilities to their clients.


  • Focusing on goals of clients is one of the greatest sign of SEO specialist. Many service providers know what to do next for the improvement of business, but they don’t focus on essential aspects as money is the first priority for them. But, good SEOs always give satisfaction to clientele by creating business opportunities by remaining under their budget.Experienced SEO company focus on several things instead of one that includes adding a keyword to website, website architecture, search engine rankings, content management, implementing stronger internal links, and much more.

Conclusion: A little website marketing services India investment with an experienced team that provides best SEO Services can give long-term profits.

Brining traffic into business is not all that difficult to do with highly skilled people of SEO. As a smart businessman, it is your duty to handover your business success in right hands.

My name is David Lieberman. I work as the president of As one of the founding members of, I have helped the company from its initial concept into the leading digital automotive marketplace. Also, I am a technology investor and advisor, helping companies and entrepreneurs with their projects and sites.

Why Cryptocurrency Is Important for Marketers

To say that the Internet has changed the way we do business would be an understatement. Online payments no longer hold a small share of the total economy, and each year we see an increase in this way of paying for goods and services.

However, while this process is certainly an upgrade from paying in cash, it still goes through all the traditional financial channels, such as online wallets and banks. Since new technologies are not something that stands still, we have been seeing a lot of new trends, with the most promising one of them being cryptocurrencies.

While there are still some doubts and even controversies surrounding this “virtual money”, it is definitely the talk of the town and something marketers should pay attention to.


But first, what exactly are cryptocurrencies?

According to the Investopedia, a cryptocurrency is “a digital currency that uses cryptography for security.” To say it in laic terms, it is a financial system that enables you to transfer money anonymously without security compromises. This means you could avoid the now already more traditional means of paying such as credit cards and bank accounts, and make payments through virtual currency.

One of the most famous and the first cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin, but it is not the only one out there. This form of paying has an enormous potential that is yet to be discovered, and for now it is not used for many purposes in advertising, but since it is essential in this branch to always be ahead of time, it is important to be informed about its importance.

Why Cryptocurrency Is Important for Marketers

The troubles with collecting data

The very foundation of a good marketing campaign is knowing your audience. For that, marketers need to be able to collect data on consumers. This type of information is often acquired through monitoring digital footprints of the potential customers to attract leads. Currently, marketers have it pretty easy, because platforms like Google and Facebook own and sell the information.

Advertisers then use the acquired knowledge to create a successful marketing strategy. However, as we said when we explained the term “cryptocurrency”, this way of paying allows users to remain anonymous, which prevents marketers from learning their buying habits and how they respond to marketing tactics. Because of this, it is imperative for advertisers to start coming up with new ways to collect information and design strategies.

Will we have to pay for information?

It is obvious that navigating the probable lack of user data will be difficult. One of the approaches that will perhaps be necessary is paying the users directly for their personal information instead of paying the platforms for gathering the information for you. What this actually means for businesses is that they will probably have to spend more money on market research.

This will happen because the average user will want more compensation for giving his/her information than an average platform for thousands of customers. Also, these trends suggest that businesses will have to try harder to reach out to customers and convince them to participate.

Why Cryptocurrency Is Important for Marketers

Changing the content

Content marketing has had its ups and downs, but we can finally say that the quality is becoming better than ever. How will using cryptocurrencies change this? Probably for the better. With the users around the globe being allowed to sell and buy digital currency freely and use it, not only for paying for products and services, but also for paying for access to content, it is possible that the content will depend less on ads and more on its quality for revenue. Now, these payments don’t have to be significant.

Even micropayments ranging from 25 cents to a dollar for each piece of content can add up, offering a large chance of success. But will the users be willing to pay for content? Well, platforms like Blendle showed that a lot of consumers are prepared to give money for content they really want to read/see/listen to. While it is improbable that micropayments will topple the free content available, they can still make a huge impact in this area.

What does the future hold?

Many people still see the cryptocurrency market as a shady environment which is often associated with illegal activities and frauds. However, it is obvious that digital money is not just another fad which will fade into history in a couple of years. We are only starting to discover its full potential and possible applications. For now, cryptocurrency is still limited to highly technical individuals, but the target audience is slowly changing and spreading.

In the last couple of months, we have already seen an increase in non-technical people interested in this way of making payments. For marketers, this is a very important trend that suggests that they will need to deal with the inevitable changes that will affect every aspect of coming up with and implementing a marketing strategy.

Ignoring the changes on the market is not something a good marketer would do. That’s why it is imperative for people in the advertising business to start studying cryptocurrencies and devising strategies that will help them stay afloat when (not if) digital money becomes a matter of the present.

Carolin Petterson is a businesswoman and content marketer with years of experience under her belt. She has had the opportunity to contribute to a number of popular business and marketing websites.
5 Deadly Marketing Sins You Might Be Committing

5 Deadly Marketing Sins You Might Be Committing

We all know not a single business out there can survive without marketing. However, marketing isn’t all about posting a random article on your company’s Facebook page or printing out tons of flyers for your company and just waiting for customers to show up.

Instead, what you need to do is plan your every move carefully and know exactly what you’re doing. If you haven’t been doing this since you’ve entered the world of business, chances are you’re committing some deadly marketing sins that are preventing your business from growing. Here are 5 of them you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at.

Overloading your customers’ inboxes

Email marketing still plays a huge role in the world of marketing. Most of the people check their inbox at least once a day and that’s why you’ll want to use it to promote your business. However, this doesn’t mean you should go and overload your customers with meaningless emails about your company since that will have labelled as a “spammer.”

An email per month is more than enough to make your customers remember your business next time they go shopping for products or services you’re offering. Of course, you also have to make sure

each of your emails has something interesting to say.

Arguing with your customers on social media

Even if you try to do your best to keep all of your customers satisfied, things can always go wrong and you can end up having one of them complain to you on social media. In situations like this, the worst things you can do is start arguing with them.

18 Social Media Marketing Tips For Business

If you do this, you’ll show that customer that you don’t care about them and everyone else will be able to see that. Even if you send a message to their inbox, they can always screenshot the message and share it with everyone. Instead, we recommend being polite and trying to find a solution that both sides will be happy with.

Not checking on your competition

No matter what industry you’re in, there will always be competitor companies observing what you do. And if you fail to do the same, your business might just end up failing before it even got a proper chance. If you’re checking on your competition, you’ll know exactly what they’re up to and what they’re offering to their customers. Knowing who your competitors are can definitely help you to make your products, services and marketing stand out.

Highlight what you do better and use it to gain an edge over your competitors. Also, if there’s something they excel at, take a closer look at how they do it and try to learn from them. Just make sure you don’t copy everything they do.

Not giving out promotional items

Giving out promotional items is always a good idea. Not only do these help you turn one-time customers into loyal fans of your brand, but they also make your customers more likely to refer you to their friends and family. If you don’t invest in promotional items, you’ll miss out on a huge opportunity to grow your customer base.

Moreover, your competitors who give out promotional items will always be one step ahead of you. Therefore, investing in promotional items like stress balls, umbrellas and USB flash drives is always a good idea.

Failing to track your results

Every entrepreneur needs to track the results of their company’s marketing efforts. If you don’t do this, you might keep investing in a marketing channel that just isn’t working out for you. Or you might overlook a channel that seems to be getting the job done for your company.

Luckily, there are tons of marketing metrics you can now follow, especially when it comes to using social media. By tracking social media marketing metrics, you should be able to identify the platforms you’re getting the most traffic from, which is a very important thing to know.

If you think you’re guilty of any of these 5 marketing sins, it means it’s time to make some changes around your marketing efforts. Do more of what works and ditch your marketing habits that have proven to do more harm than good.

Saurav Deo is a passionate blogger, entrepreneur & digital marketer from India. He is founder of ShoutMakersDream, HatchHives, & WebSiesta. At ShoutMakesDream he mostly writes about How to blog tips, SEO news, email marketing news etc.
How to Detect Plagiarism in admission essays

How to Detect Plagiarism in admission essays

Plagiarism in admission essays is an issue that can be easily detected and prevented. To start off, plagiarism is defined as an act of using others written works or ideas and pass them as your own. Plagiarism can also refer to as the act of using someone else idea without giving due credit. Forms of plagiarism can include copying and pasting of online materials, copying and pasting and then changing the paragraph structure, changing the words in some of the phrases, and claiming ideas as your own.


How to Detect Plagiarism


To determine whether an admission essay or personal statement is genuinely written by an author and not just copied directly from an existing source, here are some helpful tips to consider:


Ask the Author about the paper`s Main Points


Asking the author regarding the main points of his paper is a strategy that can help detect plagiarism. If the author can`t explain right away or his explanations are quite far from those included in the actual paper, further investigate and see if the author is the real brains behind the paper.


Look for Suspicious Phrases or Words


Odd words or phrases that don’t seem to fit in with the rest of the article could be signs of plagiarism. You can prevent plagiarism using this page. Outdated phrases or awkward constructions sometimes indicate a plagiarized source. Always double-check the submitted material against search engines and online plagiarism sources and see if there are phrases that were not properly cited or sentences that were copied word by word.


Detecting content theft or plagiarism is a fairly easy process. You just need to have the patience to carefully read through an admission essay, application essay, statement of purpose or personal statement and look for items that are out of place. The content of an original essay should be reader-friendly and the ideas should be presented in a logical and flowing way.

If you are not familiar with plagiarism, then you should know that this is an offense that can lead to expulsion from college. Plagiarism happens when a person claims another person`s words and ideas as his or her own. Keep in mind that you must avoid plagiarism. Not only is plagiarism an offense, it is also academic dishonesty and theft all in one. Below are some suggestions on how you can avoid committing plagiarism. Make sure to know what you`re up against.

To avoid plagiarism, you need to have a clear idea on what plagiarism is and why people do it. But you also have to understand that there are two kinds of plagiarism: unintentional and intentional. Intentional plagiarism is an unpardonable offense for many academicians. Unintentional plagiarism, on the other hand, happens when citations aren’t done correctly. You can avoid unintentional plagiarism by doing some research on how to do citations.


Learn more about the rules


There are many different types and forms of citation. Your professor will most likely specify a specific type when asking you to write a paper. In case the professor does`t specify what form of citation to use, cite your sources properly anyway.

This is better than just turning in a paper without giving credit where credit is due. Do some research on how to put citations, where they are need, where you should put them, and how to format your paper with citations correctly.


Understand why it’s important to follow the rules


It`s difficult to follow rules if you don`t understand why these rules were made in the first place. Rules against plagiarism are there for various reasons. One is because these rules are intended to protect the authors right to be credited for his or her ideas or words. Another reason why these rules are implemented is so that students will be encouraged to think for themselves and formulate their own ideas and words.

It will be good for you to challenge yourself and explore your own mind to think up new ideas and present them in your own way. By doing so, you will be avoiding plagiarism. But more than that, you will be imparting new knowledge to readers and expanding your own intellectual horizons in the process.

Saurav Deo is a passionate blogger, entrepreneur & digital marketer from India. He is founder of ShoutMakersDream, HatchHives, & WebSiesta. At ShoutMakesDream he mostly writes about How to blog tips, SEO news, email marketing news etc.
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