Business Trends worth Adhering to in 2018

Business Trends worth Adhering to in 2018

Although coming up with a great business strategy and a business model is necessary, neither of these two things can guarantee you long-term success. In fact, sticking to an outdated trend for too long may cause you to lose your competitive edge and thus pave a way for your competitors to overtake you. Adapting to new circumstances and finding new trends to follow is the only way to stay competitive year after year. With this in mind, here are several business trends that are expected to be worth adhering to in 2018.

Live stream marketing

In the past few years, video marketing has gained a huge momentum due to its mobile-friendly and informative nature. However, now it’s time for it to go one step further. The greatest problem with video content is that it may seem scripted, which might cause slight disillusionment in your audience. Going for live stream instead appears much more spontaneous even with the same level of scripting and pre-directing. Overall, this kind of approach will seem more genuine and more engaging to your customers, which might, in turn, makes them develop a deeper bond with your brand as a whole.

The importance of influencers

Even though influencers are a huge deal already, in 2018 it is expected that the influencer marketing might reach its peak. Like in the real world, not everyone’s words and idea resound strongly enough. What you need to do is find the right people for the job. Depending on their reach, influencers can be divided into micro-influencers (1,000 to 100,000 followers) and macro-influencers (up to 10 million followers). Still, the latter group is not necessarily more effective. This mostly depends on the specific niche- or community-reputation that the influencer you decide to work with has. In other words, you are choosing an influencer that goes along well with your product and appeals strongly to your audience.

AR and VR

While their influence still may not be a predominant force in the business world, the terms augmented reality and virtual reality are on everyone’s lips in 2017. It is likely that this trend will carry on to the following year, as well. The reason behind this is the fact that these two concepts allow you to create a marketing campaign that evokes an unparalleled level of immersion. To make a long story short, AR and VR represent a leap similar to the one that happened during the migration from radio to TV.

Greater emphasis on security

Finally, in 2018 the emphasis on one’s corporate security will be more prominent than ever in the past. The main reason behind this is due to the fact that now, even the smallest of businesses is assailed on two fronts – digital and physical. Due to the fact that your company’s actual security, like smart locks or surveillance systems, are remotely controlled, this might make a hacker pose a threat to your company’s physical property. Because of this, your company’s security structure also needs to be a kind of crossover, an example of which can be seen through JD Security and their genetec synergis system.

By investing in these four trends alone, your company will come one step closer to becoming well-adjusted to the business world of 2018. Even though some new trends might emerge in the meantime, those who intend to stand head and shoulders above their competition in time, need to start enforcing some of these trends right away. Which brings us to their final, and probably most important, winning trait – the fact that all of the above-listed trends are incredibly flexible and work great with your already existing company structure. In other words, what you’re seeing here is a low-risk-high-reward scenario, one of the few there are.

Business Trends worth Adhering to in 2018
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Business Trends worth Adhering to in 2018
Although coming up with a great business strategy and a business model is necessary, neither of these two things can guarantee you long-term success.
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