8 Best WordPress Tips & Tricks You Should Learn Today

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The WordPress is one of the most famous blogging platforms which is being used by many professionals and other, here is the 8 best WordPress tips & tricks. It has got a large number of useful plugins which could be used for optimization as well as designing of any blog. Basically, there is a lot more things which can be taken out of it.

The pro bloggers are applying the certain sort of activities with WordPress in order to boost the compatibility of it and to influence it accordingly, and i am going to disclose them for you. Today you are going to get some of the best WordPress tips and tricks that every blogger must know about it.

I have checked these tricks and have found them exciting and useful, that is the reason that I am sharing them with you too in order to help you out.

8 Best WordPress Tips & Tricks

So, here are the best WordPress tips and tricks for you guys which one shoul.d must know in order to get much out of it. All tricks are tested and proven, and I am sharing them for your conveniences. Now, not taking much time of yours I would request you to get towards the below steps:



Stop Automatic Compression of Images


Images which you upload on your website do not give the complete quality of it as WordPress has fixed the 90% quality for the images as default. And, you can take it upto 100% in order to create certain, the complete quality of your images and need not to waste even a single percent. I am going to share small PHP code which you require to use your theme which will stop WordPress from compressing your images and will ask the WordPress to keep it 100%. This trick is going to be helpful for many Portfolios or Wallpapers blogging websites, where images are the key content, and they can’t compromise on the quality of their key content.

  • Foremost, login to your WordPress account and add given below following snippet to the functions.php file or add it in a plugin.
add_filter( ‘jpeg_quality’, create_function( ”, ‘return 100;’ ) );
  • Thats it!

Remove WordPress Admin Toolbar


This is a another trick which is about removing admin toolbar from your blog. The admin toolbar at times looks really odd on blog, and it should be removed from there in order to make your blog appears more professional. Moreover, it can be easily done by applying these steps.

  • First of all, open WordPress account and click over Users.
  • Under Users, Click on Your Profile then you need to uncheck the option Show Toolbar When Viewing Site.

8 best WordPress tips & tricks

  • That’s it!

Schedule Post


The bloggers always want this feature at any cost in order to maintain the timing frequency on their blogs. Professional bloggers are availing this feature on the large extent, but the newbies are yet unaware. So, let me tell those, that this feature will allows one to schedule posts and then it will automatically published on your targeted time and date. Now, if you want to schedule your WordPress posts then you can follow these steps given below:

  • First of all, sign into WordPress and open the post which you want to be scheduled.From the Publish Box, Click Edit button in front of Publish option.
  • After that, give the date, day and time on which you want to publish your blogs and then Click on the OK button.

8 best WordPress tips & tricks

  •  Then you need to Click on Schedule button, and it will schedule your post.

8 best WordPress tips & tricks

  • Thats it!

Reset WordPress Blog


The bloggers always keep on experimenting on their blogs, and sometimes they come up with some negative changes too & for that they are required to reset blog. Furthermore, once you have reset the blog then it will turn your blog into the new one by getting default setting. Yet, I would suggest you to make any experiments on test blogs rather than applying them on your main blog. If you want to learn how to reset WordPress blog then follow these steps:

  • Go to WordPress account and move towards Tools.
  • Now, head towards the Reset menu, it will ask to proceed with some steps, do it as asked and then you are done.

8 best WordPress tips & tricks

  • Thats it!

Change Database Name Using phpMyAdmin


The database of your website carries all the essential information about your website and it’s important to keep your name well descriptive and unique. I have seen many newbies who firstly name their database unprofessionally, and later on they want to change so for them, the guide is here. You can apply these few steps to change Database name using phpMyAdmin.

  • Go to phpMyAdmin and head towards Databases section and select Database.
  • Once you’ve selected database, now you need to click over Operations from top menu bar.
  • Now, you need to write a name for the database under Rename Database to box and once done, Click on Go then it will prompt a confirmation message to you, accept the changes.
  • After that, it will ask you to create a new database, create new file with the same name which you’ve previously given. Click on OK in order to save changes.
  • Then it will ask you to click on OK to reload the page.
  • Now, once again go back to main cPanel Page and Click over MySQL Databases.
  • You need to click on Add User to Database and select the database from the list, it should be database with the new name.
  • Now, select the Database user from the list which must be the same which you have used to associate database.
  • Afterwards, Click on Add button & Checkmark the All Privileges box and Click on the Make Changes button.
  • Thats it!

Enable Distraction Free Writing


Writing is a technical work, and you require to be very much focused on it in order to write down something unique for your readers. Writer comes across many distractions while writing for its blog which may cause too many errors as well as lack of ideas. Therefore, you need to avoid distraction to provide absolute quality. WordPress let you work in distraction free environment by offering the Distraction free writing feature. This feature will hide all other things which may cause the distraction. So, if you want to enable distraction free writing feature then you may follow these simple steps:

  • You need to toggle full screen on browser so that you can hide all the tabs, you may press Alt+Shift+G for Chrome as well as F11 for Firefox.
  • After  that, go to WordPress dashboard and create a new post which you want to write and then Click Distraction-Free Writing button and it will hide the all unnecessary features for time being.

8 best WordPress tips & tricks

Stop WordPress Pingback and Trackback Spam


You may have noticed that when your article’s links are shared on other blogs, then it creates the pingback or trackback and notifies you with that link and that is a great practice as it let us know about the existence of our links. However, spam with these techniques is also on the top which is frustrating the bloggers and can harm in blog’s SEO too. So, you must know about them in order to report those such links and perform some sort of steps for that. So, follow these steps in order to stop that pingback & trackback spam by tracking them.

  • Go to WordPress and head towards the Settings and after that towards the Discussion.
  • Now you need to check mark Allow link notifications from other blogs  (pingbacks & trackbacks) box.
  • After that, Save changes.
  • Thats it!

Set Post Expiry Date


Sometimes we post such articles which aren’t requried to the blog for long time, we want them to delete after some period of time. Such articles may be of contest, giveaways/others. So, in spite of deleting those articles yourself, you can put an expiry dates for those article then it will be automatically drafted after the mentioned expiry date. Basically, there are two methods for doing this practice, and I’m sharing the most easiest and common one with you guys.

  • Install the Post expirator WordPress plugin. (Link)
  • Once it is installed then it will add an expiratory box on each post. You can set the settings according to your necessitate.

8 best WordPress tips & tricks


These were some top WordPress tip & tricks which each blogger should know in order to get a good number from their WordPress blog. If you have any kind of confusions or queries related to this article then please do let us know. I’ll get back to your queries shortly.
If you have found this is guide helpful and worthy then do share it with your other friends and circle too. You may never know that your share may be proven useful and helpful for many of users out there.
So, keep sharing and helping others as blogging is all about helping.

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