13 Solid Evidences Why Magento is Beneficial for eCommerce Platform

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1) Content Management ( Easily Manage Content) :

Magento provide an alternative user friendly way to edit content using WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Using this feature we can manage the content basic functionality within shopping cart. Not any issue that size of eCommerce website you have going.

2)  Magento Structure :

It is an over-architectured powerful platform. It can be answer of the website owner. Magento is a platform that is design to scale and customize as per clients requirements. Sometimes developer could face problem but avoid that common issues and magento has contained care for the can turn out. There are lots of principles of magento architecture such as OOP architecture, programming principle, strongly layered product architecture etc.

3) Mobile Friendly :

Magento provide a platform that provides a mobile friendly platform. If website is not mobile friendly then you have to develop two sites one for mobile and second for another. Then it will more difficult to handle. Instead of make a one mobile friendly website. Using this we can develop mobile friendly design. In the shopping website you have to design proper mobile friendly for get more traffic on your website.

4) Handle Multi Store :

 In the large eCommerce store at that time it is more suitable. Now a day around 25% shopping website developed using this in the world. For example more effective eCommerce websites like samsung and harvey nichols are operated by magento.

5) Broad space facility :

 The magento can keep up to 5,00,000 products on one website and manage 80,000 orders per hour. Due to large size it’s complicated to manage the products.

6) Search Engine Optimization Capability :

 Magento gives a vast configuration for SEO. using magento we can set meta-title, meta-description, autolinks and many features that using magento configuration we can easily manage your site and allow your site to attract organic traffic and improve SEO features further.

7) Shopping separates out :

 The online shopping experience offers filtering and shoppers always love this features. Magento has a neat ability to choice based on your preferences. 

8) Extension for eCommerce :

Now a day it is one most popular platform for an eCommerce website and it is an open source. For get more benefits from magento, there are lots of extension developed.

For example magento having extension like import export attribute option, custom option manager, custom image option etc.

9) Cross sell and upsell your products :

 Magento can huge touch on business’s sales on their website if done properly. Magento having ability to quick customer to buy more based on what they are buying or looking at already. Magento does better work than the other platform.

10) Services of google :

 Magento join with colossal search engine google and proven itself to an efficient and better performance. There are many services are available such as google analytics, google checkout and others. It will help you to track a traffic from your website. That’s why your business growing up with best strategies to attract more audience.

11) Easy to manage 3rd party integrations :

You can connect to your eCommerce with eBay, Mailchimp, Google shopping, Quick Book, Paypal and so on. Magento allows you to add google analytics and other such integrations to their site in data analytics.

12) Inventory cost reduction :

 You have to update yourself sales information with  ERP Connector. Website having magento platform that will right way to appear sales in ERP system. That means the system user are able to plan the purchase. Which is reduce the cost when it comes to inventory. Don’t forget to update web transaction that will update automatically the ERP inventory.

13) Smart filtered functionality for the shoppers :

 Experienced with dynamic search features that filter the products according to a multiple parameters. It uses the unique search terms such as cloud, Product tag filters, product review and so on.

Now a day gets more and more benefits from the magento. Here choice how to hire magento developer from magento experts is technically increase your growth of business or loss the business growth.

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2 months ago

Above given reasons make Magento the best platform for eCommerce websites.

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