10+ Top Tips for Trade Show Exhibit Design

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Trade shows act as a gateway for creating brand awareness, reaching potential customers and getting leads and sales. However, these exhibitions may not be advantageous enough for your business if you fail to stand out from the competition. To make your brand the highlight of the show, you need to design your trade show exhibit interesting, creative and attention-grabbing. Designing an effective trade show exhibit require a right investment of time, money and creativity. To help you get the best, we have rounded up here 10 top tips for trade show exhibit design.

Persuasive and Comprehensible

Your exhibit should be designed in a way that your target audience could easily understand what you are, what your brand/business is about and why they should choose you leaving others. In short, your first impression should be the best impression.

Incorporate Visuals

A simple and fundamental way to make your booth prominent is to create visual impacts. Use bright and bold colors (in accordance with the brand and corporate color) and big images. These things attract the audience and make them read the text that best describes you and conveys your message.

Integration with Marketing Mediums

Integrate your trade show exhibit with other print and digital marketing tools such as brochures, print ads, emails and web. It will help your customers recognize your booth.

Better Utilize Exhibit Space

The exhibit space should be designed keeping the marketing objectives in mind. The trade shows do not provide enough space for having separate sale stations, demo areas, meeting rooms and displaying brand-building graphics. You should utilize the given space intelligently and as per your marketing strategies. Focus on the prime things and avoid creating a mess.

Don’t Create Mess of Words

Do not fill your brand-building graphics with text. Put fewer but bigger words to let the audience clearly read your message. Rather than writing all your pluses in bullet form, put down a single and comprehensible benefit statement that must be persuasive and attention-grabbing. Lengthy text is more probable to get ignored by the audience.

Display Popular and New Products

Do not cram your exhibit space with all of your products, instead focus only on your most popular and new products to be displayed at the trade show.

Have Some Crowd

It is human behavior that they usually do what they see other people doing. Suppose, you plan to have the best burger in your town and you find one restaurant having more customers than other. Which one would you choose? Of course, you would opt for the one that has engaged many others.

Get your employees into the trade show and let them surround your exhibit dressed as attendees. It will attract the audience to your booth making them want to see what the buzz is about. Also, make sure to have exhibit staff present to engage with visitors.

Promotional Giveaways

This idea is quite helpful in extending the reach of your exhibit. Handout big stickers, badges, bands and other wearable and make it a game. The attendees having your promo items can bag a big prize at the end of the trade show. The more people you will get to wear your promo item, the more others will seek for them. The promotional giveaways can also be great conversation starters for audience involving your brand and booth into that talk.

Interaction or Experience

Allow your audience to interact with your product or service. It will not just generate interest but let them have a greater understanding of your brand. If you cannot offer interaction owing that not all products or services can be displayed, consider creating an experience. Charity Water creates clean and safe water sources for rural areas in developing countries having poor or insufficient sustainable water supply. They invite their exhibit visitors to walk across a 50yd platform carrying two 40lb water carriers. They give visitors an experience of the villagers fetching waters from rivers miles away from their home. This experience lets the visitors connect with the brand.  

Measure ROI

The only way to know if something work is to give it a try, and to know if the try was helpful is to measure its success. Find a way to measure the success of the marketing techniques adopted in the trade show. If you do not know what works and what does not, you are more likely to be unsuccessful at your next event.

Be Welcoming and Friendly

Give your visitors a warm welcome by offering them eatables and an abundance of comfortable seating. Treat your booth visitors as your guests at home. Show generosity towards your visitors and they might just give some back.      

An effective trade shows exhibit design increases brand visibility, attracts and hosts potential customers. We hope these tips would be helpful in designing a successful exhibit for trade shows.

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